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TOP 5 facts about the Carpathians

TOP 5 facts about the Carpathians

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Do you feel like a real specialist in the Carpathians, and do you think you know everything about them? Then check out the top five facts from Aino Perfect that you may have never heard of. We have prepared something interesting about our Carpathians.

Fact 1.

There is an active volcano in the Carpathians, and it is the Old Volcano - the only unique active mud volcano in the world. Starun mud volcano is the smallest in Europe: the diameter of the trunk is about thirty centimeters.

The volcano arose in the XIX-XX centuries, during the development of oil and ozokerite deposits in the territory of Staruni. However, it intensified in 1977 after the earthquake in Romania. Located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in the village of Starunya.

Fact 2.

In the Carpathians, a record holder is growing among the growth of plants, and it is not even bamboo, but a mushroom - a stinking rainbow.

In one minute, the cap grows by five centimeters, which is twice as fast as bamboo. This mushroom has an unusual shape and is considered medicinal. Herbal tincture treats various diseases.

Fact 3.

Powerful places of power of the Carpathians:

1. A heartbreaking lake - a lake that looks like a mirror. This is not a place for bad thoughts, water reflects everything - both good and bad, so you need to carefully monitor your thoughts and mood. In order for your dream to come true, you need to whisper on the water of the lake. Hutsuls consider this lake to be the birthplace of nature. Located on the slope of Mount Turkul.

 2. Dovbushye pantries (Gate to that light).

A rocky corridor that was considered a sanctuary and a portal between different worlds. At the right time, the gate opens and it is possible to enter another dimension. It is believed that this is where Oles Dovbush's treasures should be sought. Where to find - near the village of Berezhnitsa, Verkhovyna district.

 3. Painted Stone - mysterious petroglyphs and carved bowls, this is the main mystery of these rocks. Pagans used to perform their rituals here. Located within the Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians. Blueberries, lingonberries, anemones and snowdrops grow here. Ivan Franko, Mikhail Kotsyubinsky, Lesya Ukrainka visited here. You need to handle politely, stir the water in bowls, but it is better to bring a small stone and leave it here. This will leave some of your problems in this picturesque place.

4. Black Mountain (Mount Pop Ivan). On the mountain there are circles of strength, circles, not overgrown with grass. Most often, various magical rituals are performed here. The name came from a rock that resembled a priest in a robe. It is said that here it is necessary to ask and make a wish to newlyweds who really want to have children. And this wish will be fulfilled.

Fact 4.

Cypress narrow-leaved, or znut narrow-leaved, the first drink that our ancestors used as tea. In Kievan Rus it was called Ivan tea and was actively used to treat various diseases. Refers to ethnic teas such as: lapacho, matcha, rooibos, mate, Anchang ...

Ivan-tea was called the Virgin's grass, Yelushnik, Drema, Willow grass, Matochnik, Wild flax, Wild violet, Breadbasket.

Fact 5.

The most popular dish in the Carpathians is mushroom soup, which is most often ordered by tourists who visit the Carpathians. Also in the Carpathians you will be treated to bograch, banosh, Gurko (traditional sausages), delicious trout (trout), carp, chovlent (meat dish with pearl barley and beans), bean goulash (this is bograch to which beans and mushrooms have been added), Gombovtsy , Carpathian potatoes, and usually with delicious stuffed cabbage with mushrooms.

The Carpathians are a wonderful place on earth, which every time opens something new for each of us.

13 July, 2021

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