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Warranty information

About warranty

  • The company guarantees the quality of products under the trademark "Aino Faino!"
  • The company guarantees timely delivery of the required quantity of goods.

Return and exchange

The company carries out the return and exchange of goods of good quality in accordance with the Law «On Protection of Consumer Rights».

Terms of return and exchange

  • Returns and exchanges of goods are possible within 14 days after the buyer receives the goods.
  • Return delivery of goods is carried out by agreement.

Return conditions for goods of good quality

The main document governing the relationship between consumers of goods, their producers and sellers is the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights. The legal consequences of the transfer of goods of inadequate quality are set out in Articles 678 - 681-1 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

If food products were purchased within the expiration date, the consumer can initiate the return of the goods on the basis of the inadequate quality of the purchased products. In this case, the consumer has two options:

  • return of goods and their replacement with a quality product;
  • return of goods and receipt of the money paid for the goods.

The specified rights to return the goods are provided for by Part 8 of Art. 8 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights.

As a general rule, the money for the goods must be returned to the consumer on the day of the termination of the contract. Such a day is the day the seller receives the consumer's notification of the cancellation of the contract and the consumer's statement of the claim for the refund.

The parties also have the opportunity to agree on a deferral of the refund to the consumer, but no more than seven days. Therefore, in the application for the return of goods, it is advisable to immediately indicate the bank account of the consumer.

The consumer is not prohibited from initiating the return of goods of proper quality either. But the satisfaction of such requirements will depend only on the goodwill of the seller. Since, there is List No. 172, according to which high-quality food products are not subject to exchange and return.

With regard to the consumer's rights to return goods that were purchased after the expiration date, the sale of expired goods is expressly prohibited by law.

So, according to Part 3 of Art. 7 of the Consumer Protection Law prohibits the sale of goods whose expiration date has expired, is not specified, or is indicated with violations. The sale of goods for which an expiration date is set must also be made in such a way that they can be used until the expiration date.

Therefore, the return of goods can occur on the basis that the sales contract contradicts the requirements of Part 1 of Art. 203 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. In turn, such a violation is a direct basis for recognizing the transaction as invalid (Article 215 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).

The application for the return of the goods is submitted to the seller in two copies.

The seller must put an acceptance mark on the consumer's copy. If the seller refuses to check the box, then the application for the return of the goods will need to be sent by mail with a receipt confirmation.