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26 August, 2021

Carpathian berry sauces Aino Faino

The most delicious sauces from Aino Faino to the picnic season.

The holiday season at sea is almost over, so it's time for barbecues and picnics in nature.
Aino Faino recommends that you try our berry sauces, which will decorate any table.
Our sauces go well with almost all products and will add an unusual taste to your long-familiar and new dishes.
LINGONBERRY BBQ cranberry barbecue sauce is our hit! This wonderful sweet and sour sauce is made from fresh cranberries and goes well with pork.

Spicy cherry sauce CHERRY BRANDY - a universal sauce according to the Carpathian recipe, which in general goes well with all the meat fried on the fire.
BLUEBERRY MULLED blueberry mulled sauce - can be eaten with fried meat, poultry and cheese.
Blackcurrant sauce CURRANT VALLEY is a great addition to chicken or turkey.
And our simple but very tasty recipe is this - put a small piece of cheese on a toasted piece of bread and spread a little of our Carpathian sauce on top ... we guarantee - it's incredible.
And most importantly, remember what tastes best with a smile.
Aino Faino is the Carpathians!